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Yeast Metabolites Have Positive Impact On Layer Performance

Maintaining a healthy flock is a key element to egg production and quality. According to current research, the nutrient metabolites in diamond V's yeast metabolites are optimizing the health and functioning of white and brownish strain layers.

The nutrient yeast metabolites  prepared in early XPC would be the result of a specific bio-fermentation process. The proprietary anaerobic fermentation procedure yields a complex, nutrient-diverse product that comprises the extracellular metabolites of fermentation.

yeast metabolites in poultry

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The key bioactive elements incorporate particular nutritional metabolites, proteins, peptides, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, beta-glucans, and mannans. The potency of the components isn't compromised by extreme temperatures or processing.

Enhancing the overall health of the animal by balancing the immune system, reducing the pathogen load in the intestine, and increasing nutrient absorption allows for enhanced production.

In young laying hens, the initiation of lay can be very stressful for the bird. Improving nutrient passing via a healthy gut will enhance the chance for better initial and continued egg production. 

An efficient immune system provides greater protection against pathogens in the site of disease, preventing the requirement of a systemic immune reaction.

Together with resistant balance, Diamond V metabolites are demonstrated to alter the microbial population by decreasing bad bacteria and enhancing beneficial bacteria. 

Along with enhanced bacterial diversity at the gut, study together with the yeast metabolites show favorable effects on intestinal morphology. Increases in villus height and density as well as increases digestion and nutrient absorption.