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Why File A Paraquat Lawsuit?

Studies on paraquat claims show that prolonged exposure to paraquat, a popular herbicide, causes Parkinson's disease. The plaintiff diagnosed with Parkinson's said the manufacturer did not warn of the risk. Lawyers represent farmers, farm laborers, and others in legal disputes overcompensation.

If you have been exposed to paraquat and have Parkinson's disease, there are many reasons to file a lawsuit. A skilled paraquat attorney can help you file Syngenta paraquat lawsuits via, hold the company accountable for wrongdoing, and raise awareness of the dangers of paraquat.

Legal Challenges Grow Over Paraquat's Alleged Parkinson's Disease Connection

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There is no cure for Parkinson's disease and people with this disease must be on medication for the rest of their lives. Parkinson's disease can be weakening.

Registering a lawsuit is able to help make up for expensive medical bills, missed salaries, and other expenses due to past and future treatments. You may also obtain reimbursement for emotional and physical pain, suffering, and failure of quality of life.

Ask for company accountability:

People suing paraquat claim that breeders have known for years that weed killers are toxic and can cause Parkinson's disease. However, they resold it and withheld this information from the litigant and others.

Litigation can hold firms responsible for careless behavior. In some cases, jurors usually award punitive damages to convict a company for intentionally harming the public.

Awareness Raising:

Paraquat has been used in commercial and US agriculture since the 1960s. More people use it every year. Some people use it at work while others live near farms that use toxic weed killers. Litigation can raise awareness of the dangers of paraquat and help others who may be at risk.