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Why Elearning Is A Powerful Training Method

Over the past two decades, we have seen a significant shift towards eLearning – especially in areas where the focus is on vocational training and acquire skills related to the job.

Many of these skills have a large computer-oriented component so that the brand eLearning is particularly suitable for this type of training. You can also search online for Instructional Design & eLearning courses.

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ELearning courses are very suitable for this task because learning on the computer gives them the opportunity to practice the very skills they are trying to learn.

But eLearning is not just about teaching people how to use computers. Instead, it is about using computers to teach a person anything. But of course, the most important question is "Why?" Why use computers to teach things when for centuries assumed the best way to learn is at the foot of the instructor to learn?

It really got to the heart of questions eLearning. And as we shall see, the question was not so much "Why?" as "Why Not?"

The simple fact is that the traditional learning model – the face-to-face relationship between teacher and pupil – is costly and inefficient. That, at least, is what the proponents of maintaining eLearning.

The first and most obvious advantage of eLearning is that to a large extent eliminate the need for the physical presence of teachers in the learning process.

Recording media such as audio or video takes the place of the teacher as the driving force that makes the learning process will be. This opens up all sorts of possibilities.