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What Is The Foundation For Peace In Divided Societies?

It is non-profit organization, the Foundation for Peace in Divided Societies is dedicated to making peace in societies divided by conflict. This organization provides education and guidance on conflict resolution and helps people learn to communicate with each other in a constructive way.

You can visit to contact the foundation for peace in divided societies online. The Foundation for Peace in Divided Societies (FPDS) is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting peace and reconciliation in societies that are plagued by conflict. FPDS was founded in 2007 by Kofi Annan and Lakhdar Brahimi, two former United Nations secretaries-general.

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FPDS works to protect human rights, promote dialogue and prevent violence through its program called "Peacebuilding for All." The Peacebuilding for All program provides training and support to civil society organizations working on issues such as democracy, human rights, reconciliation, development, media freedom and rule of law.

In addition to its work with civil society organizations, FPDS also focuses on preventing conflict through its "Preventing Conflict" initiative. The Preventing Conflict initiative aims to build trust between different groups and create conditions that will discourage violence.

FPDS is a unique organization because it has both a civilian and military component. The civilian component includes staff from international organizations such as the United Nations, while the military component includes retired military officers who have experience in conflict resolution.

Overall, the Foundation for Peace in Divided Societies is an important organization that has been working to promote.