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Video Sales Letters – Your Complete Guide

A video sales letter (VSL), is a video that is designed to sell a product/service to the viewer. VSLs use the same principles as a written sales letter to convince their audience but are in video format. Video sales letters can be found on landing pages and in digital ads. You can also find creative video sales letter on

Famous marketers popularized long-form sales letters as early as the 1960s. This was due to their effectiveness as direct response advertising. Although the concept of a VSL and a written sales letter is very similar, VSLs have been adapted to the two most popular consumer trends: video and the Internet.

They are both written with the goal of direct response, meaning the ideal outcome is for somebody to read/watch and immediately take action, such as submitting a form, dial a number, etc. 

A video sales letter might be found on a website's homepage, landing page, email, or in an advertisement. Simply put, the video sales letter should have an impact on the target audience and they should respond.

There is no standard length for video sales letters. Your video should adhere to the golden rule of video length. It should be as brief as possible but still, convey your message clearly and persuasively.