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Tricks For Easy Dog Leash Training

The first step to training your dog is to choose the right equipment and tools. And one of the most important training tools is a dog leash. You can choose between collars made of leather or nylon. It is easier to start with nylon collars, especially if you are training a puppy, because they are lighter and cheaper, although they might not last as long as the leather ones.

Make sure the collar is securely attached and adjust the size to your dog. If you are trying to train a large dog, then go for a big dog leash. A simple trick is to make sure you are able to fit two fingers between the skin and the collar. You can also use harnesses, but I would recommend the use of collars during the training process.

It will be easier to control your dog. Another option is to buy a training collar, or "choke chain". However, this kind of collar is often misused and it can harm your dog if not used properly. I would thus recommend trying with a regular collar first. If your dog is especially big, difficult to train, shy, or aggressive, ask your veterinary to help you find and buy the right training collar.

Finding the right leash is really important for dog leash training. You will have the choice between leather, nylon, or cotton. To begin the training, it is best to use a rather small leash, about 4 to 6 feet long (2 meters). Dogs love to wander and during the training process, it is important that your puppy or dog stays close to you and understands that you are in control. 

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