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Tips to Get More Out of Your Tradeshow or Exhibition

It is very important to think carefully about being close to the main attractions/entertainment as it can get very loud and can be hard to talk to and be heard by visitors – also people could just rush past in the hurry to get to the show on time.

Furniture Requirements

Are you going to display your goods during the day? A table or counter could be ideal for this. If these fit your needs, it is wise to get a counter that locks so that you can lock the product away overnight and to ensure that your staff's valuables are kept safe throughout the day.


Depending on the type of tradeshows and exhibits you're attending, It's recommended that you've either chairs or barstools for your staff. There should be a strict rule that staff is not to be sitting when there are customers around, however at the shows, the days are long and tiring so during the quiet times, chairs are an exhibitor's best friend.


Set-Up and Take Down

Always prepare for the unexpected. When setting up your trade show there are many, many times when you will run into unexpected issues. Try to be prepared for these by ensuring you have lots of masking tape, velcro, scissors, a knife, pens, etc. If you do get into a sticky situation, you can always ask other exhibitors or the expo set up contractors as they will often be very helpful.

Reason to Listen

Try to come up with a reason for the customer to listen to you. Competition works well to open the conversation and to capture details. A show bag or show special can work well to encourage visitors to talk and take action then and there.