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Timber Offers The Strength You Need In Construction

The famously known timber is also recognized by the name of lumber. It is a major structural material employed in construction. Besides, it is the very wood whose pulp can be used for paper production. A masonry contractor, for instance, makes sure that they install timber framing in the houses in which they build. If you need timber supplies in Sydney visit

It is supplied either in the rough or finished form. The rough timber known as pulpwood is a softer part that is used for furniture or things that need some extra cutting or shaping. However, the finished form of timber is supplied mainly in the construction industry.

Though the material is really tough and provides the desired rigidity to the structures, it needs to be preserved from damages caused by insects, fungi, or other natural forces.

For this reason, timber has to be treated with preservatives that protect the wood from being destroyed by any such agents. This is applied through the combined vacuum and pressure treatment. Incidentally, these preservatives are classified as pesticides.

Some of the newer compounds are free from metallic compounds and derived from biodegradable substances. After treatment, timber becomes resistant for the long-term against the organisms that are responsible for causing any defects. The main idea of coating it with preservatives is to extend the productive life of timber by five to ten times.