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The Awesome Nightlife in Phuket


The best time to visit Phuket is between the months of November and April when the climate is the most desirable. The city of Phuket is located on the island of Phuket, how cool is that! Now, there are some mind-blowing activities to do at Phuket like scuba diving, visiting the night markets, they have some savory seafood that's to die for, enchanting beaches and how can one forget, their dynamic nightlife. They have a wide variety ranging from the wildest go-go bars to the quietest ones where you can sit in absolute solitude (the choice I'll leave up to you). 

Bangla Road at Patong beach really comes to live post 9pm. between 500-800metresof road is block shut, and lit up with resounding music, cheap booze and neon lights. Packed almost every night throughout the year Bangla road is a very happening, friendly and welcoming place. 

Sunset bars, usually situated around the island, give you an enchanting view of either sunrise or set depending on the time you're present. The coast has a wonderful collection of bars and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a sweet drink with amazing atmospheric setting and captivating views. 

Boxing, more like MMA, the most vigorous contact sport is also played here. There are a few Thai boxing clubs in Phuket, one located at SoiSaiNamyen. They usually host a fight every week, mostly Monday night. This is something very exhilarating even for an audience. 

Come visit Phuket for its nightlife and do try a stay at the many Phuket hostels