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Teeth Cleaning From Your Local San Antonio Dentist Prevents Many Problems

Too many adults go far too long without routine teeth cleaning. This procedure is not only very basic but relatively cheap. You have to visit the local dentist in San Antonio, once a year and get this procedure done.

Here are some good reasons why you 'want to stay on top of this.

You Can Not Get To Every Spot

Most of us, I assume, floss and brush our teeth every day. We get most of the plaque off our teeth when we do this regularly. Unfortunately, even under the best-case scenario we do not get all of it. There is always a build-up that we cannot get to. When you visit your teeth cleaning dentist in San Antonio for routine cleansing he gets to the spots that you cannot get to yourself.

Oral cancer

When you go to the dentist for the procedure, one of the items he checks for is oral cancer. He knows where to look and what to look for. If you smoke or chew tobacco, you especially should have your mouth checked for this. Catching it early, like all forms of cancer, will be the difference from it being prevented, contained, or spreading like wildfire.


It is a term that basically means "bad breath." It is caused by bacteria in your mouth. When you go a year without getting these bacteria cleared it makes it worse. While one tooth cleaning a year is not going to magically solve the problem of bad breath, in a person that has continuously struggled with this problem it will help A LOT.