How To Change A Fish Only Aquarium Into A Reef Aquarium

The aquarist running a fish only aquarium has gained a terrific deal of valuable knowledge about husbandry. She or he has also been able to maintain fish that the reef aquarist cannot. These fish are thought of as not reef-friendly'.

This may be the first consideration before any move is made towards a sea aquarium. The aquarist will know that the fish being kept – are they reef-friendly? When there is any doubt then research is needed. 

Chances should not be taken. When the aquarist can't bear to part with any fish subsequently the aspiration to get a reef aquarium should proceed, or a reef aquarium should be set up separately. You can get to know about the best reef aquarium via


Let us assume that the aquarist has all of the friendly fish. There'll likely be further consideration of those fish later.

From the fish only aquarium seawater grade is vital. At the aquarium, seawater quality is essential. For the reef, nitrate should be 10 parts per million (ppm) or not, and phosphate 0.03ppm or less.

Naturally, ammonia and nitrite should be undetectable. In the event the fish simply sea-water is to all these standards (unlikely perhaps) then an aquarist will retain the reef. Otherwise, then increases in amounts or regularity of water changes may have to be considered, and the filtration method also.

The advised filtration system for a sea aquarium would be a live rock. This is supposed to be applied at approximately 1 and 1/2 pounds per gallon in the computer system.

This live stone can be purchased as base' rock and surface premium' rock, which will not hit on the pocket quite as hard. In case the fish only strategy was filtered by a wet/dry method, or by canister filters, then consideration ought to be given to shifting.