All About Custom Instagram Filters

In our today's life, people are quite obsessed with the way they look physically or even in pictures. Here's the best alternative for that custom Instagram filters, with lots and lots of creativity and fun, creators, influencers and brands make their own custom Instagram filters. 

Custom Instagram filters can be made in a variety of ways, first, we need to choose the platform in which we wanna create the filter. 

After that, we can start with the process of creating a custom Instagram filter. Firstly we need to determine the concept, then we need to create a brief. After that, we will submit the design and wait for the public to use it. Sometimes it can be pretty instant or it can at least take 10 business days. 

After all this process, we need to promote the filter available on the brand and watch people having fun. It's always good to start with a simple sample, as a jumping-off point. 

Create your own Custom Instagram Filters, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to download the Spark AR Studio.
  • After downloading the Spark AR Studio the next step is you can start your first project. A few important terms to keep in mind include the ‘Stimulator,’ where you’ll preview your work.
  • After that, you can test your Instagram story by posting it on Instagram. You can download the Spark AR Player app and preview it there.