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Stomach Cancer Symptoms: What You Need To Know

Cancer is an abnormal or malignant growth of cells in the body. When this occurs in the stomach, it is called stomach cancer and is characterized by the growth of certain cancer cells in the stomach. To understand this type of cancer properly, we need to look at the stomach. The stomach consists of three layers of tissue, namely, the mucous membrane, muscles, and serosal, the innermost, middle, and outermost layers.

Regarding the type of gastric cancer, we have gastric adenocarcinoma which is also known as glandular tissue cancer. Other forms of stomach cancer that are very rare are lymphoma, which is cancer that affects the lymphatic system, and sarcoma. This type of cancer also affects connective tissue such as fat, blood vessels, and muscles.

However, millions of Americans have unwittingly taken the risk of cancer through no fault of their own by using acidic drugs such as Zantac, Prevacid, Nexium, Prilosec, and generic Zantac. The risk of cancer from acid reflux drugs increases the longer you take the drug. However, filing a stomach cancer lawsuit against drug manufacturers is the only way to hold these companies accountable for the damage.

Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Abramson Cancer Center

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One thing about stomach tumors or cancer is that they can affect nearby lymph nodes. For example, it can grow on the outer lining of the stomach and spread to nearby tissues, including the intestines, pancreas, and esophagus. It can also spread to other vital organs like the liver, lungs, etc. through the blood.

There are several symptoms of stomach cancer. Some of the most common symptoms to look for are mild nausea, heartburn, discomfort when swallowing and in the stomach, and flatulence immediately after eating. At an advanced stage, the patient experiences unexplained weight loss, vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing, and blood in the stool.