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Onboarding – Lessons From a Different Context

On the first day, you need to find a table with all the equipment necessary for your job. In the center of the table was a plaque with the name engraved on it. Spend at least part of the first day celebrating the arrival of the new employee. 

Drink coffee with everyone on the team and take time to communicate and build relationships. If possible, add donuts or other breakfast to the mix. There's nothing like eating out to connect and create good memories.

HR onboarding automation employees' trust by enlisting their new colleagues with stories from times when management was unfair or unfriendly to normal employees. The future buzzard carries a lot of baggage that unsuspecting newbies have to unload.

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Train new hires yourself or assign them to employees who present your company in the best possible way. The price will last a long time. This will increase the new employee's confidence with the success and the likelihood of getting a good result. 

Make sure the assignments you choose are those that 1) are part of the employee's routine duties and 2) are very doable. Remember, you want employees to be successful in the early days so they can do the harder work. The things are done in the organization and establishment relationships based on transparency, trust, and respect.