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Need Of Underground Utilities Contractor In Los Angeles

Utilities use a trenchless technology called horizontal directional drilling (boring) to pull cables, conduits, and pipes underground. This installation method causes less impact on the surrounding area and minimizes environmental disruption.

It also saves time, allowing utility crews to work more efficiently. Before Virginia Natural Gas begins directional drilling, precautionary safety measures are taken to determine the location of all underground facilities, including sewer lines.

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Unfortunately, there are instances when sewer lines cannot be properly identified and our gas pipe is inadvertently pulled through existing infrastructure, leaving the opportunity for accidental damage to the gas pipe in the future.

The presence of a gas pipe in a sewer line is known as a “cross bore.” A cross bore can remain undetected for months, even years.

The typical way they are discovered is when the sewer line becomes clogged and a blockage needs to be removed. While it is common practice to use a mechanical rotary device to root out the blockage, this process could damage the gas pipe that has been bored through the sewer line, resulting in a loss of service and a potentially hazardous leak condition.

The lower lateral pipe runs from your property line to the main sewer line. This may cause controversy regarding repair responsibility since this piece of pipe is not necessarily located on the homeowner’s property – but it is still the responsibility of the homeowner.

Overall, the homeowner is responsible for sewer line repairs from the beginning of the upper lateral pipe to the end of the lower lateral pipe.