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Know About Filipino Martial Arts Weapons

The most popular and well-known martial arts in use today are the styles of fighting that originate from the Philippines as well as Kali as well as Escrima (or Eskrima, all of which are names for a similar set of interconnected martial arts). 

The Filipino martial arts incorporate both weapons-related training, specifically blades and sticks, and also free-hand training based on the idea that weapons are simply an extension of the body. 

Some Filipino martial arts weapons are:

1. Blunt Weapons

  • Kali Sticks / Escrima Sticks:

The two languages of Kali and Escrima sticks are widely employed as to make weapons. If you want to buy Escrima sticks, then you can navigate to

Escrima Sticks

Improvised weapons, such as umbrellas, pens, and walking sticks even magazines that are rolled up are great as Kali or Escrima sticks! 

2. Unarmed

In a non-armed Kali or Escrima, the entire body may be used to wield weapons. Combat is a variety of kicks, punches, knees, elbows, locks, headbutts, finger strikes blocks, grappling, striking techniques for disarming attacks with the palm as well as biting.

Nowadays, many methods of Kali/Eskrima are taught, and the majority of them teach strike, weapon training grappling, throwing, and takedowns. Kali is designed to teach quick and efficient movement, effective footwork as well as practical self-defense.