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Is Physical Therapy Recommended For Shoulder Sprain?

Many people ask the question, "Is physical therapy recommended for shoulder strains?" This question can be answered by first investigating the cause of the condition.

Causes and Symptoms for Shoulder Sprain

A shoulder sprain is caused by injury to the ligaments or soft tissues that connect to the bones around the joint. This condition is usually caused by a fall, direct blow to the area, or a forceful twist of the arm beyond its normal range. For shoulder sprains, you will need to rest and use cold compresses as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pain. Physical Therapy for strain is also recommended to reduce your pain.

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Physical Therapy is Essential for Recovery

A sprained shoulder can be treated with physical therapy. Physical therapy helps ease stiffness and pain that can result from the growth of new tissue. Physiotherapists assist patients with gentle exercises to speed up healing by restoring flexibility and range of motion to the injured shoulder.

These exercises are useful for patients suffering from shoulder sprain:

*Stretching exercises – relieves muscle tension, maintains flexibility

*Rotator Cuff Exercises – Strengthens the rotator muscles and stabilizes shoulders

It is not recommended to do therapeutic exercises right away after an injury has occurred. It is best to wait until the shoulder heals before performing any therapeutic exercises.

Patients with mild or moderate shoulder sprain usually see improvement within a few weeks. To promote healing, a more intense physical therapy rehabilitation program would be required if the pain is severe.