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Is Charlotte Salt Therapy Safe for Children?

Salt therapy is used for many reasons, including asthma, ear infections, skin conditions, and to boost immunity so that it is less likely that children will catch colds, flu, and viruses. We want to be there for our children and do no harm. If you want to book an appointment for dry salt therapy navigate to

dry salt therapy

Following are the diseases can be cured by salt therapy:

  • Asthma

Salt therapy was more effective in moving mucus, and those who received it were the most fortunate. The therapy is well tolerated and less invasive than other methods. In Pediatric Pulmonology, a 2017 study found that children suffering from asthma who received seven weeks of salt therapy at 2 sessions per week had less constrictions and fewer spasms . In 2016, a study showed that salt therapy sessions had a positive impact on asthma symptoms.

  • Deep within the respiratory tract 

A 2015 study looked at 120 children aged five to fifteen years. The doctors used x-ray images and endoscopes to evaluate children. Those receiving salt therapy showed more benefit to the doctors' treatment.

  • Ear infections and skin conditions can be treated. 

Many children with ear problems often have recurring pain. A parent doesn't want their child to have a skin condition that leaves them with itching. Salt therapy is effective in treating it according to a 2016 study. Salt therapy helps reduce inflammation in the sinuses and the middle ear. It also thins the fluid, which allows it to drain more easily. Salt therapy can be used to treat skin conditions. It penetrates deeply into the skin layers and kills bacteria.

Salt therapy is a safe and natural addition to modern medicine. Parents often add salt therapy to their children's routine to treat skin and respiratory conditions, as well as boost immunity to the latest virus. You will feel better if your child is feeling better.