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Is Affiliate Marketing good for your SEO?

There are many questions online asking is affiliate marketing profitable when you do SEO? Personally, I will say that affiliate marketing is okay when you do SEO few years back. Google is getting smarter and smarter not just every year or every month, but every day. The algorithm changes almost every hour.

Affiliate marketers use SEO or search engine optimization before to sell the products they promote online. Their website can be found in Google for certain keywords and then the prospect visitor will buy the product through their website and the owner of the site will earn from that sale. That is the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing.

However, this year 2020, SEO does not work anymore with affiliate websites. Google will analyze if that page has a link that will redirect to a store or to a product page, then that page or website will not rank high as it was before. Affiliate websites today rank lower than websites that are not.

So, if you want to sell a product that you don’t have and just promoting someone’s product or service, you better sell it by building another website and not putting redirect links to the main website itself. You can do it manually or automatically but hiring web developers.

There are also lots of online SEO agency that can help me make understand on how SEO works for affiliate websites.