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Importance Of DNA Testing In Your Life

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, 41 percent of all births in the country are to unmarried women. While in most cases the fathers of these children are present and supportive of these children – even if they are not technically married or living with their mother – establishing paternity for all children is still important. 

The financial relationship between father and son can help provide health insurance and social security benefits. Modern and  discreet DNA testing makes this possible.

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Below are questions and answers about DNA testing:

  • Why do you need a DNA test?

Genetic relationships between individuals – parents to children, siblings to one another – can have health and financial consequences.


  • Is DNA Evidence Valid?

DNA evidence is an accepted science in courts and laws.

  • Is genetic DNA testing invasive?

DNA can be collected from people with a simple swab of their cheek or hair. Blood collection is not required (although a blood sample may also be used).

These are the importance of DNA test and how it can help you get benefit in your social and personal life financial relationship between father and son and it  can help you provide health insurance and social security benefits