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How to Repair an Emergency Roof?

Your roof is not built to withstand extreme weather, no matter how durable or strong it might be. High winds and heavy rains, along with major storms, can cause serious damage to your roof. 

Before we get into the details of repairs, let's first define what constitutes a roofing emergency. structural damage during strong storms is normal. However, all damage needs immediate attention. These damages are considered an emergency. You always need experts for emergency tarping. You can also contact experts for the emergency roof covering via

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These are issues that can be dealt with on a scheduled visit.

In general, water infiltration is a sign that the structure has been compromised. The service provider will then install temporary protection, such as a roof, to protect the structure and prevent any further damage. The permanent roof repair can be done at a later time.

When to Expect Service

Do not expect immediate responses if you call during a storm. When heavy rain and high winds are raging around them, there is nothing the crew can do. They must wait for the storm to pass before making any house calls. The team will either use temporary patchwork or a tarp depending on the extent of the damage. For example, they might use aluminum flashing to cover small holes or missing shingles.

Permanent Repairs

Roof repair may not be possible if the damage is caused either by fire or by falling trees. Both of these events can cause significant structural damage and the roof may need to be torn off or replaced. Inspections of the structure are required before any work can begin to determine if a complete replacement is necessary.