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How To Manage A Last-Minute House Move In Sydney

Moving house requires a lot of organization. When you find yourself facing a house move at the last minute, it's easy to descend into panic. Fortunately, following a few tips can make the process less daunting.

Set Your Expectations

While remaining determined to do the job well, you need to accept that things may feel disorganized. Setting your expectations now and embracing the chaos can stop you from feeling stressed. When you feel less stressed, you're less likely to panic.

Book a Removal Firm Immediately

Create a rough inventory of what's in your house, and then book a removal firm. Many interstate removal services like are adept at handling last-minute house moves. They may accept the booking and ask you to call back when you have a clearer inventory, but at least you'll have a firm in place.

Pool Your Resources

Before you start ordering boxes online, reach out to friends and family to see if they have any. A lot of people have spare boxes from home deliveries or their last move. The more resources you can pull together, the less time you have to spend waiting for your own box delivery.

Declutter Mercilessly

A last-minute move can make the temptation to just throw everything together and go feel overwhelming. But decluttering won't take much of your time if you take a merciless approach. It can reduce the cost of your move and the effort involved on the day. 

Get rid of anything you haven't used for a while, any broken items, and anything you've outgrown. To make this easier, you can declutter as you pack each box.