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How To Clean Your Leather Watch Strap

For thousands of years, leather has been a popular choice for shoes, clothing, and accessories. Watches can be fitted with leather bands in many different colors, including brown and black.

Cleaning the leather strap is an important part of maintaining your watch. It is important to clean leather properly to prevent any damage.

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Here are some tips to clean your watch straps:

Take off the strap: Before cleaning the watch, remove the strap. This protects the dial and watches case.

Use a dry cloth to clean the leather:  Wipe the strap with a dry cloth before applying any liquids. You can gently remove any dirt, debris, or grainy material that may have accumulated on the strap. This will help to protect the leather's surface from scratches during intensive cleaning. Use a soft cloth, such as microfiber or jewelry polishing fabric.

Use soap to clean the leather: Next, clean the strap with soap. It is best to use a gentle soap, as harsher soaps can strip leather.

Get rid of soap residue: Rinse the cloth with running water after cleaning the strap. Take out excess water. To remove any soap residue, lightly wipe the leather band with a damp cloth.

Leather conditioner:  After your leather strap is dry, you can apply the recommended amount of leather conditioner to a clean cloth. Let the leather strap dry by gently rubbing it with the cloth.