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Guide To Video Authentication Analysis

Forensic video analysis is the scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. Forensic video analysis services assist the trier of fact to determine the authenticity of a video recording.

Evidence recovery is the best way to authenticate a digital video recording. There is a wide range of software that help in video authentication. If you want to know more about video authentication software via This process preserves, extracts, and maintains the original video evidence and establishes an authentic chain of custody.

Calling on a qualified forensic video analyst to recovering a recording from the original system ensures its integrity and authenticity is upheld.

video authentication software

How Video Analysis Is Done?

  • Preliminary Analysis

Experts inspect the video and perform initial testing to determine the scope of the investigation. They prefer to only enter investigations if we feel our forensic services will be of assistance to the case.

  • Digital Integrity Verification

Digital integrity verification testing will generally reveal any evidence of tampering first. The types of testing we perform include HASH verification, meta-data, EXIF and HEX testing to name a few.

Experts can also provide exemplar (controlled sample) comparison testing to determine if a recording is consistent with what we would expect to see from an original.

  • Pixel/Frame Analysis

Sometimes our investigations require further testing to confirm authenticity. Frame by frame, motion vector, macro-block as well as physical equipment testing is required to determine the authenticity of recordings based on the behaviour of video pixels, as well as individual video frames.