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Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

With a lower fat content than its main opponent – ice cream, frozen yogurt remains a top alternative for anyone looking to eat cold dessert. For healthier options, look at labels with no added sugar or low fat. You can also mix frozen yogurt with fresh fruit for a low-fat milkshake. You can also look for the best frozen yogurt provider in Australia through various online sources.

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The nutrients in frozen yogurt contribute to its health profile. Here are some of the health benefits that you can get from frozen yogurt.

It could be easier to digest

For anyone who has digestive problems when eating ice cream, frozen yogurt can be a less painful substitute. According to the Journal of Dairy Science, frozen yogurt contains no more than 10% milkfat and the least acidity of 0.3% lactic acid. In ice cream, the least milk fat content is at least 10 to 16% and the lactic acid rate can hit as high as 1%.

Can improve bone health

The calcium in yogurt can help your tissues and cells function properly. As you age, your hormone signals need to remove calcium from your bones each day to help regulate calcium levels in your blood. You need to consume calcium products to maintain bone health, especially as you age.