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Food Packaging Choosing the Right Ink for Safety and Compliance

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The demand for appealing and safe packages has always been on the high. But the onset of the pandemic has led to a higher focus on the safety of the package as well as the ingredients than ever. So, if you belong to the FnB industry and deal with selling packaged food transported to selling units or direct to consumers’ locations, you need to be careful about what you use in the packages, especially the ink.

Choosing the Right Ink

The choice of the ink depends on the content and ingredients of the food product and what they might react to. Usually, chemicals used in the package might react to and spoil the food. That’s why this choice impacts whether you will get FCM compliance for your brand or not.

For food products, a safer alternative is a water-based ink portfolio. This ink is free from reactive chemistries and toxic chemicals. Thus, this is a safer alternative to other inks for the health of humans and the earth. In addition to the products, this formulation is beneficial for the workers and reduces the impact on the environment as well.

How Choosing a Safe Ink Helps?

Using an eco-friendly packaging solution eases the way to achieve FCM compliance. You should look for professional printers in Redland Bay to get the best quality in terms of ink choice and packaging material. They might help you in finding the material that ensures safe packing in accordance with industry guidelines and regulations as well. Before starting looking for a printer, you should go through various compliance guidelines to ensure you get the best service provider.