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First Aid Training Courses For The Workplace

First aid training is an important part of today's business world. Proper training programs ensure that victims receive immediate assistance and lives can be saved.

Create a first aid program for your workplace

Each company should have a basic training program and appropriate life-saving medical devices on site. Taking the time to develop and implement an effective program is a great way to show compassion to employees and customers.

Here are the 5 main factors to consider when developing an operational CPR and First Aid training program.

1. Understand the legal consequences

There are different legal requirements for CPR and first aid training programs, some of which vary by city and state. For example, some states require registration with the local emergency system or medical supervision and program approval. This program may be required by the Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) depending on the type of business. 

2. Buy AED

While not all states require businesses to have an AED, many business owners purchase these devices as a precaution. The initial cost of purchasing an AED and setting up a first aid training program depends on the price of the particular AED manufacturer & model. 

3. Choose effective programs and instructors to train emergency response teams

A detailed emergency response program should be in place to ensure that personnel on site are aware of and able to assist victims in an emergency. From a risk perspective, it is important to remember that a poorly designed program can lead to accountability, but a well-designed program can lead to great success.