Finding the Right RV Body Shop Service for You

Your RV is most likely your second highest investment after your house. So knowing which repair facility to trust your investment with after a mishap, accident, or just standard aging problems can be a task at hand. So just where do you start to find the right RV body shop?

Ask around to your fellow RV'ers of any good/bad repair shops that they have had personal experience with. You can also check out online sources to know about the best industrial finishing solutions production near you.

Pick up the phone and call around to several local RV Dealers and talk to the service manager.

Once you have a body shop or two narrowed down, call them and explain your issues, then quiz the shop on the repair process. Talking to them you should get a feel if this shop is knowledgeable enough in the repairs you need and capable of doing the job right, trust your gut feeling.

Once you think you found the right shop, take a drive over there before taking your RV there. Ask for a tour of there facility. Some key things to look for or to ask while your there are: a professionally built paint booth to which your RV paint job is done in.

Since RV's are so big you will find repair shops operating without a spray booth which can cause problems with the paint as its not in a controlled environment causing improper curing, paint peeling, dirt and trash in the paint job, and so on.