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Endometriosis – When Pain In The Back Is Not Back Pain

It is an uncomfortable condition of gynecology that gets its name from the word "endometrium" (pronounced end-home-tree-Uhm) which refers to the tissue that lines the uterus (a woman's womb).

Endometriosis may cause pelvic pain, back pain, low back and leg pain ,discomfort in the intestines extremely painful menstrual cramps excessive bleeding, heavy menstrual cycles nausea, fatigue digestive issues, and other signs.

While modern science does not fully understand why this condition occurs but the medical profession is now aware of what takes place during the course of the condition. The term "endometriosis" refers to the condition that occurs when the tissue that usually covers the uterus's interior develops in other places in the body.

The endometrial tissues that are displaced may be found on the ovaries within the Fallopian tubes as well as on the intestines as well as on the outside inside the uterus. Endometrial cells may also develop in the cervix and bladder, which can contribute to infertility.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the endometrial cells do not function unlike other cells of the body. They are extremely specialized cells that are, like the lining that surrounds the uterus made to expand, thicken, and shed off in response to fluctuations in hormone levels.

Endometrial cells found in locations outside of the womb can react the same way as if they were in the uterus. If these endometrial cells that have been displaced are enlarged and shed in unnatural areas, the body is left with no way of dealing with the swelling tissue as well as the cells have been removed.