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Electric Meat Grinders – A Great Appliance!

When you add a meat grinder to your kitchen utensil, you will know how delicious and fresh the meat you serve to yourself and your family, and how much fat is in the meat. Using an electric grinder, you will know exactly what went into your sausage, ground turkey, or burger.

Most electric grinders have an output of 150 to 500 watts. There are models around 1000 watts, but they are less common. Most commonly, mills of 300 to 450 watts are used. With 300 watts you can grind about two kilograms of meat per minute. It is best to feed your meat grinder pieces that are about 1 inch thick or less to function smoothly. You can also find Meat Mincers in Australia or Premium Meat Mincer via Barnco Sales to grind your meat more appropriately.

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You want your grinder to be durable and reliable. So pay attention to those made with plastic gears. All-metal equipment will assist you adequately and have a long service life as long as you maintain the machine correctly. Also, look for a reverse button as this will ensure you can unclog the grinder if the meat gets stuck.

Most electric meat grinders contain three plates. These plates have different hole sizes for the different roughness of your ground beef. Some also contain sausage funnels. If you like sausages in different sizes, look for a grinder that has at least two hoppers.