Easily Treat Chronic Muscle tension Through Dry Needling Therapy

There are several different methods people can pursue to relax trigger points and restore muscle function. One of the methods for treating this condition that has grown in popularity over the past few years is functional dry needling.

In this form of therapy, a trained practitioner inserts a thin needle into the muscle knot. This is part diagnostic, part treatment. If the knot is truly a trigger point, then the muscle will respond to the insertion of the needle by twitching. The twitch response also promotes muscle relaxation and the release of the knot. To get effective dry needling therapy visit https://cbayaquapt.com/wellness-programs/dry-needling/.

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Functional dry needling is a safe form of therapy when pursued with a trained professional. It's often covered by insurance, making it accessible to many as well. It's best used in conjunction with physical therapy. 

Anyone can develop trigger points. Chronic muscle tension is common in sedentary desk workers, professional athletes, and everyone in between. If trigger points are causing back or neck pain in the average person, dry needling may help relieve pain. 

Athletes sometimes use the therapy to help their muscles recover from intense training sessions. They report reduced soreness and increased function. 

While getting rid of those tight areas of spasm is critical to restoring proper muscular function and reducing pain, it's not the end of treatment. Something caused those trigger points to form in the first place, and if you don't take steps to identify and eliminate the source, they'll likely recur.