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Dumbbells For Everyday Use

Dumbbells are one of the best weight lifting tools to add to your gym bag. If you want to build massive muscle, I recommend using dumbbells for every exercise. The following are my favorite exercises using 5kg dumbbells for building massive muscle.

You can't just stand up and start doing dumbbell press. You have to balance yourself and control the weight you are using. The weight lifting itself is an explosive motion that forces you to use lots of muscles to accomplish the movement. I don't recommend weights if you don't have a good foundation to work on. I recommend dumbbells because you can control how much weight you use. It's easier to stay focused when you know you aren't going to swing out of control.

Concentration is a key to building big guns. You can't just sit back and let the weight pull you around. You have to engage your entire body to complete this movement. You can do a lot of basic bench presses with dumbbells. They give you the range of motion you need and help to keep you steady.

I like dumbbells more than barbells. Dumbbells allow you to have a lighter weight to lift, which means you will build muscle faster. The less weight you use, the longer it will take you to reach your goal. I recommend dumbbells to beginners. It's not because they're easier, but because you can do more advanced workouts with them later.

Use dumbbells for all body parts. They work out even the most stubborn and inflexible muscles. If you have a flabby chest, use dumbbells to make it firmer. If you have a rock hard abs, use dumbbells to make them softer. Dumbbell flys and wide-chest rows work great for the chest.

Don't think you have to spend hundreds of dollars on dumbbells to get a set that will work for you. That's just not true. Look around at exercise equipment stores or online and see for yourself the huge selection of dumbbells you will have to choose from. You will have to decide what you want the biggest and best for your individual needs. If you stick with home exercises, you may want to go with a cheaper pair to start.