Domestic Abuse Counseling – The Complexities Of Couples Therapy When The Psychopathology Is Severe

Sometimes individuals in an abusive relationship end in couples and wonder why it does not work? Has that happened to you in the treatment of domestic violence? If yes then you can visit to know how to deal with it.

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You do want to correct the abuse in your marriage, and you know the dynamics of your relationship contributes to a fight between you and your partner. So, naturally, you think the rest of the solution in "couples therapy" with someone who claims to "know" about abuse.

Expertise Versus Domestic Abuse Psychological Skills

Knowledge of abuse and interactional therapy may not be the only requirement in some cases. It may be necessary for one or both parties to also have individual treatments simultaneously to change the dynamics of violence in marriage. Here's why …

When the psychopathology of one individual in a marriage is a major trigger for rough underlying interaction, couples therapy is not cut. In situations where the mental illness of one of the individuals that go unresolved, couples therapy can not manage it. Individuals with psychopathology should be treated separately.

For example, if there is a process of delusion in one individual, interactional therapy does not touch the root causes of conflict. Delusional disorders continue to reveal itself and overshadow the ability of couples to apply the principles of psycho-education of their couples therapy.

If there is drug addiction in one individual, couples therapy does not provide for it. Without specific substance abuse intervention, couple conflict which is a byproduct of drug abuse remains intact.

Without a proper professional mental or psychological management of these disorders, you can not expect to catch dysfunction therapy interactional relationships.