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Dental Implants Are The Best Choice For Replacing Teeth- Why?

Replacing missing teeth is never fun. This can be time-consuming, requires multiple visits to the dentist, and is sometimes expensive. The most common options for replacing molars or incisors are bridges, removable dentures, etc

While each option has its advantages and disadvantages, appliances (also known as dental implants) offer the best in appearance and durability. Therefore, dental implants are the finest option for replacing missing teeth. 

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Some of the options are as follows.


Along with dental implants, bridges are a more permanent solution to replace missing teeth. A bridge supports a replacement denture using the natural teeth on both sides that are missing. The dentist makes three dentures that are all connected. 

The two missing teeth on either side are sharpened to allow the replacement denture to fit over it. The advantage of this method is that it is slightly cheaper than fixed devices. However, many dentists do not like bridges because they weaken two molars or incisors that are perfectly intact. Dental bridges can also be less aesthetically pleasing as all three dentures sometimes look like one giant molar.


The adhesive remains closest to the natural tooth. The way it works is that the dentist inserts a steel or titanium screw directly into the jawbone. Once this hardens, the replacement prosthesis is firmly connected to the screws. 

Dental implants can be a bit more expensive than bridges and can take longer due to recovery time. However, continuous lights offer the most realistic look and are also the most durable. Plus, you don't have to weaken any other molars or incisors to insert them.