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Cork Flooring – Four Best Reasons

One of the many ways to add flooring to your home is to use cork flooring. It is considered very environmentally friendly because it is made from oak bark which is a renewable source. All processes for extracting oak bark are done manually and no machines are used so no trees are felled. It also helps keep the cork flow constant over the years. 

Apart from this, the main advantages of cork flooring are as follows:


Since the cork floor material is so strong and durable, it achieves excellent results compared to other floor coverings. It is not only strong but also moisture resistant. This prevents moisture from entering and causing unwanted problems such as mold growth and bacterial growth. 

A guide to cork floor installation Home Improvement Best Ideas

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Insulating Properties: 

Cork flooring can store both cold and heat and is therefore a natural choice for floor covering. As a good insulator, cork provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Cork flooring helps reduce sound pollution as it absorbs sound due to its soundproofing.

Easy Installation: 

Cork flooring is easy to install. They can be easily glued to the floor. These floors can be made of wood or concrete or other synthetic materials. It is important to make sure the surface is dry first to prevent moisture retention and that the sealant is also easy to apply. If you want to install a new one, all you have to do is peel the old one and glue the new one and then the cork floor tiles can be installed one by one. 

Easy Maintenance: 

Cork flooring is very easy to care for. When the cork floor needs cleaning, all you have to do is dust and grime with a broom, then wipe the floor with a towel. It is possible that the finishing work will wear out due to rough and heavy use. After thoroughly sanding the cork floor, apply a layer of urethane and multiple layers of urethane to make it waterproof.