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Career Advice for Military Veterans

Careers for military veterans in the civilian world can be very challenging especially because some companies are reluctant when they come to hire veterinarians for fear that they may have post-traumatic stress conditions that can inhibit them from producing the best results at work, or because of the fear of a veterinarian May lack the right skills for work among other reasons. But don't forget that veterinarians have extraordinary skills and knowledge that can really help increase the productivity of a company. You can find your skill bridge internship for transitioning veteran to civil life and doing work after retirement.

There are other companies that employ veterans and proud of it. One of these companies is a general electricity company. It announced later that he had a company initiative in a place that would allow him to employ more veterans. Last year, a team of 76 companies included Lockheed Martin Corporation and J.P Morgan Chase and the company set a recruitment target of around 100,000 veterans by 2020.

At the end of September this year (2012), the company has managed to rent a total of 28,186 veterans. Even with efforts like this, the number of veterans is heading towards the work market u.s which happens to be relatively weak growing every day. A report from the White House shows that one million people will return to civil life coming in the next five years partly because of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The company with the name Advanced Technology Services Inc., which provides machine maintenance and other services for producers, has employed 3000 veterans in an effort to reduce the level of work of the former military. It's about 30% of the company's labor. The owner of this company offers excellent services provided by the veterans he has employed.

Some of the attributes he has shown about veterans including timeliness in work, professional behavior, and politeness. Since its company deals with engine maintenance, military skills in ship repairs and maintenance and aircraft matches the work done in the company. Veterans do not need to undergo a lot of training back to get acquainted with the work.