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Business Management Books – A Recommended Selection For Your Personal Library


It makes sense for those who choose to work in business to keep all of their business reference books close by. When giving speeches to MBA students at colleges, I recommend that they build their business library right away. My business library contains between 3500-4000 books.  

I've been reading through it lately and have given away books that I don't need since I retired. But I'm not yet pitching all the books. They say the entrepreneurial itch runs deep. If it decides to come back, then I want to be prepared. You can get more information from

Let me tell you the truth. I have a few books on business management that will be staying on my business shelves. These books are worth considering if you don't have them.

"The One-Minute Manager Gets Fit" Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D. 1986

"Market-Driven Management-Prescriptions for Survival In a Turbulent World"- B. Charles Ames & James D. Hlavacek – 1989.

Market-Driven Management is key to success in today's fast-paced market with fierce competition and "exploding technology and higher R&D costs," states the author.

"Getting IT down to the Bottom Line – Management by Incremental Gains” Richard S. Sloma, 1987.

This book will show you how business managers can increase their businesses by setting goals, carefully evaluating them, and then repeating the process. This is not a quick and easy way to make money. The author emphasizes that it requires discipline but assures that the method works.