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Basement Waterproofing In Wisconsin – New Build

Waterproofing is important for anyone building a basement they want to use as a warehouse or a house. Too often, waterproofing of the basement is not a high enough priority, which is why cheap and inadequate basement waterproofing options are used to achieve unrealistic budgets. If you want to waterproof your basement, then you can contact foundation companies at

Newly constructed basements are often designed and constructed from well-filled "waterproof concrete", a single block of concrete, or a block filled with concrete. Well-designed and constructed structures usually provide a basic resistance to water ingress because the concrete is too dense for water to pass. 

However, we must always remember that there is a risk of damage to the construction joint even if water sticks, hydrophilic or hydrophobic tape is installed properly. With this in mind, it is always advisable to use a secondary form of basement waterproofing, as in the structure itself, even if it is new and consists of "waterproof concrete".

If the concrete structure itself is considered completely waterproof, this is called type B basement waterproofing. If the structure is not considered completely waterproof, then we have two options for dealing with the ingress of water. 

One is for the fuel and the other is for watertight with a membrane for emptying cavities. A basement tank means that the product is used internally or externally and is designed to physically stop and hold water. This is known as type A basement waterproofing.