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ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning – Pulling The Question Out Of The Story

As an aspiring soldier, your ASVAB score will play an important role in your acceptance and ultimately your future military career. This means that you have to prepare yourself as best you can for the highest possible results.

As an ASVAB teacher, many of the students have the most difficulty with the math sub-test because they already have the right to use the exam calculator. The most difficult subject to be focused on the topic of arithmetic reasoning (AR) styles.

You can get training from the best ASVAB study guide at for the army exam. These experts will help to prepare for this arithmetic section which is a combination of reading comprehension and math problems. Instead of asking you to do math equations, you are given "stories" that somehow involve hidden math questions.

Your focus in reading these questions is not on getting lost in the story or the details. Instead, you need to remember that the details are unnecessary and instead look for hidden math equations in the story.

One way to do this is to not read every word. The best way to solve AR-style questions. As you approach a new section, just check the details and try to understand only the crux of the matter. When you are looking at dates, numbers, and dollar amounts, don't focus on them.

When you try to check these numbers, your mind subconsciously tries to read each digit, wasting precious seconds of your test time. However, if you read the passage and only enter the word "numbers," you will find it readable faster.