An Introduction to Exercise Bikes in Brisbane

Few pieces of equipment have been as popular as the exercise bike in home gyms. The old exercise bikes (studio bikes, fitness bikes) were criticized for being too heavy and used as clothes hangers. However, newer versions are quiet, sleek, and simple to use. There are two types of bikes, the upright and recumbent. When people think about fitness bikes, the upright is the most common. 

An upright has a narrow saddle, pedals under the rider and handle bars at the front. It is similar to a regular bicycle. A recumbent exercise bicycle, on the other hand, has a wider seat and a smaller back support. The rider lies in a reclined, forward-facing position with the pedals at their sides. You can buy exercise bikes online from those sites that provide five star customer service.

An upright bike is a more realistic way to experience a bike ride than if you use a recumbent. A rider can stand, sit, race crouch, or remain neutral. An upright can cause back pain, particularly if it is lower back. Because the upright is closer to the ground, it can be more difficult to move. For older people or those with overweight, this can make it difficult to get on and off of an upright. 

A recumbent takes up more space than an upright. This is something you might want to consider if your workout area is small. Recumbent exercise bikes are easier for riders with lower back problems. They also have a lower ground clearance, which allows riders who have difficulty getting up on an upright bike to still get a workout.