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All About Beautiful Jewellers

Ethical jewelers pay fair wages commensurate with the local cost of living in the producer country.

Most companies choose to work with producers in developing countries in order to help create work for skilled but marginalized producers. The bottom line is that your purchases literally help to create a better global trading system. You can buy beautiful jewelers via

 Investing in local communities: fair trade jewelry brands invest in their producers. This might include helping secure better workplace arrangements, contributing to training and capacity building, to helping to finance community projects like building schools or providing childcare facilities.

Direct relations with producers, which eliminate unnecessary or exploitative intermediaries. This means producers receive the direct benefits derived from selling to a wider marketplace, empowering them to re-invest in their work, lives and communities.

Transparency: ethically-minded customers are interested in where their purchases come from and who makes them. Fairtrade jewelry brands are open about their production values because they have nothing to hide. This means they open themselves to accreditation and certification bodies, who can audit what they claim to be doing.

Jewelry adds value. No-one's denigrating the value of fair trade commodity products, but there are limits to how much producers actually make from selling primary agricultural commodities like coffee beans. A coffee bean is only worth so much, while finished ethical jewelry can bring added-value to producers.