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ADA Compliance Issues And Lawsuits

As distasteful as it may seem, some people find nothing wrong in using ADA guidelines (or the non-compliance of such guidelines, to be exact) to make a quick buck. Some lawyers find that using the non-compliance issues of a company against them is nothing they cannot live with. You can also look for ada web compliance consultants via

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Imagine this scenario. A person with a disability comes to a store that is non-compliant, asks for a business card from the manager or clerk, and tells them he needs it should he require something from them in the future. 

A few days later, the business gets sued for access discrimination, or any similar complaint, by this disabled person and in order to avoid having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees, they opt to pay the complainant a few thousand bucks to drop the suit.

While it is in the best interest of people with disabilities that lawyers do go after businesses that neglect to implement certain ADA standards, it is not right either for these same lawyers to use non-compliance as a tool for extortion.  

In order for a business to be in compliance with this law, certain changes need to be made. Accessibility options, like ramps, elevators, and reserved parking spaces, are but a few of the things that need to be added to a new building, or an old one being refurbished for new businesses. 

Facilities for people with disabilities as well as ADA signage that point people in the right direction, whether for accessibility options or for rooms and stores they need to get to, should also be on the list of things to add.