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2 Methods Of Trenchless Pipe Repair In Fremont

A broken pipe can be a serious problem. Water leaking out into the foundation of your home can cause settling or slip, resulting in major damage to your structure, and extraordinarily expensive repairs. 

It can also lead to things such as flooding of your floor or ground, extremely high water bills, and many other problems. Therefore, it’s important to repair these problems as quickly as possible with the help of professional plumbers of trusted water damage burst pipe repair services in Fremont.

Let’s examine a few of them.


For small cracks in pipes with slow leaks, your plumber will likely dig a small hole down to the site of the leak and then place a small metal clamp around the leak site. The clamp is then tightened down to seal off the crack and the hole is re-filled. The benefit to this is it’s quick (it takes just a few hours to do), inexpensive (minimal equipment and labor, plus the repair part are just a few dollars), and doesn’t tear up your whole yard. 


For extensive damage over entire stretches of sewer lines, some plumbers will opt to use the “pipe bursting” method, which involves digging a significant hole on either end of the piping line that needs to be replaced, running a line through the pipe stretch, and then dragging a specialized tool through the pipe which breaks it apart from the inside. 

Simultaneously, it also drags a flexible but durable pipe into the blown-open channel and connects the ends. Odds are you will only ever need to dig two holes in the ground, and this repair can last for up to 50 years.